To grow ideas and harvest them as a work of literature is the aspiration of almost every writer. Understanding the thoughts and concepts behind a writer's work requires nothing more than the ability to read. Literary works are intended either to entertain, to educate or even to astonish as many readers as can be persuaded to read the book in question. The world of books is also a world of words in which one mind can share the thoughts and knowledge of another mind through the simple act of turning pages...

English language literature still thrives in spite of the electronic revolution that seems to be all pervasive in our modern world. That may be because the printed page has a intimacy that no machine can emulate and that is why fiction, autobiographies, biographies, poetry, children's stories, educational work and other categories are still treasured by people who like to read books. They also have a permanency that stands the test of time.  

A world communicating experiences,  thoughts, ideas, knowledge and so much other life interpretations and reflections, shared in various ways, not the least of which is through the medium of books.

Is it time to unlock the ideas in your head?