NEW MILLENNIUM IS NOT A VANITY PUBLISHER. In fact, as can be seen on our titles page, we published an exposé of the exploitative vanity publishing business in 1993 and that helped to drive some of the more deceitful firms out of business.

Self-Publishing through New Millennium is a fairly straightforward process. The critical factor to remember is the fact that anybody who pays to publish a book is its publisher. It is this distinction that so-called vanity publishing firms ignore by using expressions such as; 'subsidy', 'private', or sometimes, 'partnership' publishing when they persuade authors to pay them to publish a book. Genuine trade publishers are risk publishers because they risk their money in accepting a writer's work in the hope that they will sell enough copies of the book for them to recover their costs and make a profit. That is why they pay a 'royalty' to the author and that is why they 'own' the stock of books. The author gets a few free copies and makes money only if the book sells well. Therefore, it is important for prospective self-publishers to understand the difference between genuine trade publishers and firms who take advantage of a writer's naivety by taking money and doing very little apart from arranging for the book to be printed.

The New Millennium self-publisher owns the books printed and determines all of the critical factors in the production of the book, including deciding the sale price, the cover design and the number of copies printed. For more information about self-publishing through New Millennium please write to the address on the contact page above.

Please do not send samples of the work. Just a letter to begin with. New Millennium will then send you a booklet that explains in more detail what is involved in the process of self-publishing.