The Final Testaments Vol 4- Climax of Evolution on Man's Knowledge presents the hard realities about God, the world and organic existence in general.It calls on enlightened humanity to look beyond the meaningless universe and its bungling, petty- minded deities for the true God and for perfect heavenly existence.

Although Uche Ephraim Chuku is still on active sea service as a ship's engineer, he continues to find time for thought- provoking writings. His first book,The Final Testaments Volume 1- Gospel Truth Vs Pure Satanism was published in 2004; Volume 2- Religion without Reason appeared in 2007, and Volume 3- Stark Realities of Spiritual Rebirth in 2009 and Volume 4- Climax of Evolution of Man's Knowledge is his latest work. He resides in Nigeria with his family.

​ISBN 978-1858454054    327 pages   £14.95

The Nursery Landing by Kate Wilson. With Somerset Maugham as a great uncle, literary talent runs through Kate Wilson's veins. This hugely entertaining account of her privileged upbringing,beginning in London's Kensington Gardens and Cadogan Square before the war, succeeds brilliantly in taking the reader through various stages of her childhood with the writing gaining maturity as the story unfolds.Her glimpses of people like Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward and HG Wells are fascinating because very few have written about theses characters from the perspective of a child.

This is a fully achieved book. If I have a criticism it is thats it's too short..." William Donaldson.

ISBN 1 85845 114 0   144 pages   £7.95

Silent Unseen by James Benson ( author of Above Us The Waves ). Another thrilling submarine warfare story from the pen of the bestselling author James Benson.

"The most exciting submarine warfare story I have read" William Donaldson. The Independent

"In my opinion Silent Unseen conveys the true voice of the sea and of the fighting sailor" Patrick O' Brian author of the Aubery / Maturin novels.

ISBN 1 85845 036 5 :  209 pages  £7.95

Gateway to Terrorism by Mohammad Amir Rana – ISBN 0 75411 875 4 
667 pages - £10.00  

The Seeds of Terrorism
by the same author - ISBN 0 95475 562 6 – 396 pages - £15.00 (both books are available direct, through a bookseller or Amazon)

M A Rana is a Pakistani journalist who spent many years studying the origins, the structure and the financial affairs of many different jihadi terrorist groups based in Pakistan. At great personal risk to himself and his family, he persisted in exposing the truth about these organisations that seem to thrive on poverty and ignorance. He questions the role of the West, particularly the USA, accusing them of duplicity in the formation of these groups and their continued use as a weapon in international politics. This is an exhaustive and microscopic examination of the ‘Frankenstein monster’ that plagues the world today. A must read for anybody interested in understanding the complex networks of international intrigue.         Both books were published by New Millennium in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

This charming little story about a rabbit and a bear will delight all toddlers. Beautifully illustrated.

ISBN 978-1858454351  14 pages  £4.95

Published by New Millennium in 1996 - The Celestial Pantomime by Mehram Yaar, one of Kenya’s leading poets, is a collection of verses dedicated to the Zen school and style of art in literature. ISBN 1 85845 083 7 – 80 pages illustrated with colour prints by the artist Kamal Shah. No longer in print. 
​Published by New Millennium in 1995 – Firdaus in Flames by H K Kaul, is a collection of verses exploring the agonies of Kashmir in sentiments that will touch all human hearts. ISBN 1 85845 046 2 – 200 pages - £9.95 (available direct or through a bookseller or Amazon) 
Works of poetry on our list include original works by two of India’s leading poets, the late great Mehram Yaar, who sadly passed away in 2005, and H K Kaul, renowned man of letters, literary critic and Secretary General of the Poetry Society of India.

The Mystery of U-547 by A.K Robertson. Spring 1945,and Nazi submarine U-547 has been chosen for a vital mission- to transport gold and diamonds to a secret destination.However, treachery is afoot, and things do not quite go according to plan...Forty three years later two of the men meet again with one common interest : the treasure whose goal was never reached. ISBN 1 85845 099 3:       277 pages - £7.95

"It's pacy,action packed and a worthy (his) previous thrillers." Huddersfield Examiner

A Concise Practical Guide to Growing Pelargoniums by Peter Godwin, was published by New Millennium in 1996. It is a step by step tutorial for both professional and amateur gardeners interested in growing pelargoniums, also known as geraniums. Peter Godwin’s expertise and easy to follow text and explanations, supported by many colour and B & W photographs, made this a ‘must have’ for those who wanted to get first class results from their horticultural efforts. ISBN 1 85845 067 5 
124 pages with colour and monochrome prints and illustrations - £8.95. No longer in print.     
 Published in 1994 Captain Guthrie by John Haggarty, is a compelling novel of human fortitude, resilience, endurance and sentiment. A relief skipper joins a rust-bucket old ‘Liberty ship’ to cross the Pacific with a cargo of dynamite and a volatile crew. Disaster strikes and Guthrie finds himself adrift on a hulk with just the ship’s cat for company. His initiative and improvisations help him to survive as the hulk drifts south towards Antartica. Great writing style and original concepts make this book an ideal film story. ISBN 1 85845 086 1     294 pages - No longer in print.  

I'll Try Anything Once by Patrick Campbell (illustrated).  A distinguished career in radio, television and the press is just one of the high points of author Patrick Campbell's eventful life which he recreates with wit, candour and endearing modesty. From his chequered school days during  World War I ( and later his West African adventures during World War II) to professional success which sees him mingling with the Great and the Good. ISBN 1 85845 088 8  505 pages -£9.95.

A Selection of New Millennium Titles